How to configure DragonFly?

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Tue Apr 21 00:13:29 PDT 2009

Colin Adams wrote:
Now that I've managed to install DragonFly (and have a working system
again) by avoiding using the installer, I need to configure my system.
The handbook just shows the menus from the installer. Is it possible
to just type a command that will launch that menu system? If not, what
commands do I need to run to perform these tasks?
P.S. I have no experience of BSD systems, but I've been running Linux
for 14 years, so I am familiar with this sort of thing. It's just that
there are just sufficient differences for me to feel lost.
Two things will make your life easier:

  * kbdmap: this will change your keyboard mapping
    Once you figured out your correct mapping, you can put a line into
    /etc/rc.conf like:
      keymap="german.iso" # this is mine, yours will differ :)

  * tzsetup: this will setup you time zone. You only have to call it
The file /etc/rc.conf is your friend. Take a look at 
/etc/defaults/rc.conf, which lists all settings that you can enter into 
rc.conf and shows which defaults are used. Also do "man rc.conf".

Mine looks like:

  # /etc/rc.conf
  # ale0 here is the network driver name. bge0, re0, rl0 are other for
  # example (see dmesg to find our your driver name).
  ifconfig_rum0="WPA DHCP" # wireless



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