Release 2.2.1? [was: Re: How to configure DragonFly?]

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Mon Apr 20 23:19:55 PDT 2009


* Colin Adams wrote:
> Furthermore, if I try to run the installer from the live DVD, it won't
> let me TAB to any of the other options, such as configuring an
> installed system (which is all I want to do).

Start the installer from X and not from the console.  Then it should

My students here faced the same problem.  Most of them downloaded the
GUI DVD version and tried to install DragonFly from the first console
and this failed, of course.  When can we roll a 2.2.1/$whatever version?
This bug is really annoying and most new users hit them (at least in my
experience with a CS course here).



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