Consequences of major libc changes

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Apr 14 09:43:32 PDT 2009

:2009/4/14 Hasso Tepper <hasso at>:
:> * CIRCLEQ macros were removed from queue.h. I'm not the right person to
:>  comment whether it's a right thing to do or not, but so far only FreeBSD
:>  did that.
:>From FreeBSD svn log:
:Revision 70469
:Modified Fri Dec 29 09:55:40 2000 UTC (8 years, 3 months ago) by phk
:CIRCLEQs are a disgrace to everything Knuth taught us in Volume 1 Chapter 2.
:Retire them before anybody starts to use them again.
:Use TAILQ instead, it provides the same functionality.
:Just out of curiosity I checked the nvi-m17/ port and what they do is
:include their queue.h _plus_ the missing symbols:
:The queue_dist.h file mentioned in the above patch,  is identical to queue.h:
:nvi-m17n/Makefile:      ${LN} -s /usr/include/sys/queue.h
:Not sure what's the right thing to do.

    No third-party program should depend upon sys/queue.h, it isn't a 
    standard header file for ANY system.

    I think the solution is for the third party program to have its own
    copy that works for it.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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