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- --On Monday, November 03, 2008 16:01:41 -1000 Al Plant <noc at> wrote:

> Aloha,
> I have 10 FreeBSD servers and desktops in use here in Hawaii.
> These are not on the list as I only have 4 servers that are up 24/7 and they
> are fire walled off with pf.
> The 6 others are on a lan behind a Linux Freesco Firewall. Only 2 on 24/7 the
> rest are on an as used boot up basis.
> How can I get them Listed?

Using FreeBSD as a reference point, the port, when it installs, allows you to 
enable two methods of reporting: monthly (out of periodic) and on reboot ... so 
that covers the 4 that aren't up 24/7 ...

Next, the reporting is not based on your IP ... in fact, to try and address 
security concerns, we do not store any information such as IP or hostname ... 
when you run the stats the first time, it generates a distinct key that is used 
for reporting and is stored on your host for future reporting to identify you 
. ..

Finally, for those dealing with firewalls, the script was written to make use 
of a PROXY server for reporting, so that no holes have to be opened up for an 
individual host to connect to the rver ...

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