hammer mirroring question

Johannes Hofmann johannes.hofmann at gmx.de
Wed Nov 5 11:51:16 PST 2008


I'm playing with the hammer mirroring feature and noticed
that streams generated by
hammer mirror-read filesystem <begin-tid>
don't always start with <begin-tid>. 


root at blob:/home/hofmann >hammer mirror-read /hammer/ 0x000000010382d1a6 | hammer mirror-dump 
Mirror-read: Mirror from 000000010382d1a6 to 0000000f958af380
Pass   obj=0000000000000001 key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=01
       tids 0000000100000001:0000000000000000 data=128
Pass   obj=0000000100000008 key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=01
       tids 0000000100061ab3:0000000000000000 data=128
Record obj=0000000100000009 key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=01
       tids 00000001061ec2a1:0000000000000000 data=128
Record obj=000000010000004e key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=02
       tids 00000001061d1fe1:0000000000000000 data=128
Record obj=000000010000004f key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=02
       tids 00000001061d1fe3:0000000000000000 data=128
Record obj=0000000100000050 key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=02
       tids 00000001061d1fe5:0000000000000000 data=128
Record obj=0000000100000051 key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=02
       tids 00000001539941cf:0000000000000000 data=128
Record obj=0000000100000052 key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=01
       tids 00000001061da247:0000000000000000 data=128
Record obj=0000000100000053 key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=02
       tids 00000001061da249:0000000000000000 data=128
Record obj=0000000100000054 key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=02
       tids 00000001061da24b:0000000000000000 data=128
Record obj=0000000100000055 key=0000000000000000 rt=01 ot=01
       tids 00000001061da25d:0000000000000000 data=128
. ..

But 0x000000010382d1a6 is a valid existing tid and:

root at blob:/home/hofmann >hammer mirror-read /hammer/ 0x000000010382d1a6 | hammer mirror-dump | grep 000000010382d1a6
Mirror-read: Mirror from 000000010382d1a6 to 0000000f958af3c0
       tids 000000010382d1a6:0000000000000000 data=128

Is this intended?


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