[GSoC] the AMD64 port

Jordan Gordeev jgordeev at dir.bg
Tue Mar 18 13:40:14 PDT 2008

I'm a student interested in doing the AMD64 port as a Google Summer of 
Code project.
I would like to have some questions answered, in order to be able to 
make an informed decision.
 1. Does porting require messing with the source code of gcc/binutils/gdb?
 2. Do I need to have an AMD64 machine with more than 4 GB RAM to be 
able to fully test my work?
 3. Would I be required to get 32-bit binaries working on 64-bit 
kernels or would being able to run 64-bit binaries suffice?
 4. Is SMP part of the equation?
 5. In general, is there a fixed list of things that should be done, or 
am I free to choose based on my interests/abilitity?

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