Troubles building m4 from pkgsrc

Chris Turner c.turner at
Tue Apr 29 18:48:08 PDT 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:
    It's a temporary solution until we can come up with a way to propogate
    our own pkgsrc tree but also keep it automatically synchronized with
    the master, so we can incorporate needed patches without creating a
    mess for our users.
not sure I mentioned it before, but :

anyone have any experience using $LOCALPATCHES ?


seems like we could use this for in-package code related fixes..

not sure what to do about actual makefile diffs, etc...

maybe the pkgsrc folks would not be opposed to adding some kind of 
makefile-check-warning into whatever mechanism handles $LOCALPATCHES


if $LOCALPATCHES/mypackage/Makefile
  warn about presence of overriding makefile
  or potentially .include it
. ..
of course, brings up the whole which-df-branch to match 
which-pkgsrc-branch thing again..

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