Troubles building m4 from pkgsrc

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Apr 26 19:37:32 PDT 2008

:I don't see on pkgbox yet.
:Also I didn't past the earlier warning for above:
:cc -std=gnu99  -I.      -O2 -MT freadahead.o -MD -MP -MF 
:.deps/freadahead.Tpo -c -o freadahead.o freadahead.c
:freadahead.c: In function 'freadahead':
:freadahead.c:83: warning: implicit declaration of function '__sreadahead'
:What is the way to handle this for older DragonFly?
:(Why isn't __sferror defined like it is on other BSDs?)
:  Jeremy C. Reed

    Our FILE is opaque, even if __sferror were defined, it wouldn't help.

    pkgbox has the latest sources, but the last build/installworld was in 
    late February, before this change went in.


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