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Mon Apr 28 10:27:35 PDT 2008

FLISOL is a event run simultaneously in almost every latin american
country, several cities per country.
It is a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG installfest, there is a lot of people with low
or none experience in Open Source that bring the PC and a bunch of
volunteers help them to install enough software to run the day to day
activities and learn the first steps, usually the installation is a
ready-to-go Os, like Ubuntu, anyway there is recurrent users going,
who maybe had the first install 3 years ago and now looking for
something else and volunteers who are almost all linux-admins, we
focuses on the last group, there was a lot of curiosity about BSD and
about our BUG.
There is other activities too, there was some 1 hour conferences about
open standards, multimedia software, and other topics.
And there is some stands with people promoting some stuff, here in BA
was Ubuntu and "Buenos Aires Libre" the last one is a big regional
adhoc wifi network, it covers pretty much the whole city and is full
collaborative, the people there was teaching how to modify some
routers to get them into the network.
I was looking for a english version of the official FLISOL site, but
found nothing. :-(
FLISOL means LatinAmenrican Free Software Install Fest.
It runs once every year.
I just found this video in youtube, and i appear almost the whole video :-P
Im the one with the Green TShirt and the loooooooong hair talking with
people on the back and the cam shows me every 5 seconds, i didnt
notice someone was recording. :-P
The Green TShirt was the oficial Tshirt here, i didnt choose the
color, I cant get lost in the antarctica wearing that:-(
See ya

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 1:46 PM, Matthew Dillon
<dillon at apollo.backplane.com> wrote:
>  :Hey,
> :I just wanted to share with everyone my experience in FLISOL08.
>  :Me and some others BUG people volunteered to the FLISOL08 in Buenos
>  :Aires, it was decided before we joined that everyone was going to get
>  :Ubuntu installed unless they ask for something else. So we went to
>  :install Ubuntu 8.04, but had some DFBSD 1.12.2 CDs in the bag ready for
>  :installation.
>  :We installed a lot of Ubuntus while talking with volunteers and
>  :experienced users around about SOs stuff, FBSD7, DFBSD, Linux, Minix,
>  :and why not, windows vista, We spreed the curiosity bug all around.
>  :Since yesterday, we getting lot of msn/jabber/icq/mail from those who
>  :are trying it at home now.
>  :DFBSD was in the FLISOL! /cheer!
>  :Damian
>    Cool stuff!  I'm not sure what FLISOL08 is but I'm happy to see some
>    DFBsd visibility there :-)
>                                         -Matt
>                                         Matthew Dillon
>                                         <dillon at backplane.com>

Sdävtaker prays to Rikku goddess for a good treasure.

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