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Mon Jun 25 00:10:46 PDT 2007

Chris Turner wrote:
which brings up a side question of - would it me more appropriate to
synch with awfulhack or fbsd?, etc, etc..
Probably you first should find out what's wrong and then fix it :)  If you suspect code (i.e. FreeBSD works, DragonFly doesn't), then do this:

- diff between the source version we forked from FreeBSD and their current version (you can find the version in the CVS $FreeBSD$ ident).
- carefully review all changes
- try to apply the patch OR
- diff the DragonFly code to the original FreeBSD version we use
- try to apply this diff to the most recent FreeBSD version
- fix all conflicts
- test
- if works, submit
4kloc are not so much, especially if it is a unified diff.

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