User-Land PPP vs. Free/Open

Chris Turner c.turner at
Sun Jun 24 17:24:08 PDT 2007

walt wrote:
> That patch is from 2004.  Have you been to the ppp maintainer's
> website to check for newer code?

Thanks for the pointer -
started to.

Diffed freebsd-CURRENT and there were 4k lines of diff,
so rather than wade through it, I tried that particular patch,
which applied cleanly to the DF code.

I probably will check ppp-upstream later depending on testing
results if I can't fix the problem as the patch didn't work..

The portions related to the obsd diff here seems to have been applied to
FreeBSD post-fork however, and still needed, which brings up the more
general question of maintenance, etc than my ongoing ppp
'investigation', which is more what I was getting at when I posted..

which brings up a side question of - would it me more appropriate to
synch with awfulhack or fbsd?, etc, etc..

but thanks again, probably worth checking out, and should have mentioned
I'd looked there.

- Chris

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