Computer-app. crashes after accessing webdav disk

Huub v.niekerk at
Wed Apr 11 04:21:07 PDT 2007


After finding out I can access webdav through the Computer icon/app. on 
the desktop, I created the network-disk on FreeBSD 6.2, NetBSD 
3.1/amd64, NetBSD 3.1/386 and DragonFlyBSD 1.9. All except the latter 
work well. When I access the webdav disk the first time, it's ok. But 
after the second time, I get the message "The application Computer has 
crashed". Next, it hangs on collecting crash-information. The only thing 
I can do then, is leaving X with ctl-alt-backspace and reboot. If I 
leave X and start X again without rebooting, I don't get the desktop. 
BTW, I use gnome.

Can somebody tell me what's wrong please?



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