DragonFly usability issues

Andrew Thompson andrew at hijacked.us
Thu May 18 10:34:40 PDT 2006

On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 09:29:32AM -0400, Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
> Does it matter which slot you start in?  I thought I had a similar issue
> with an IBM 600E, but it was apparently damage over time to having cards
> crammed into the slot.  Moving to a different slot fixed the issue, though
> it does sound more like a chipset support issue in your case.
No, the slot is irrelevant, it happens whatever slot the card is left in.
However I noticed that I was loading the cbb module wen it was compiled into the
kernel. Removing that from loader.conf doesn't seem to have fixed much though.

> That one's wierd.  Does running with or without ACPI enabled affect this? 
> It may be worth looking at the system temperature when this is happening.
ACPI doesn't seem to be the issue. I'v also tried to disable all the power
saving stuff in the BIOS (even though the machine is always plugged in) which
also makes no apparent difference. The weird thing is that when I'm really
hammering the CPU the fan comes on and stays on and the system is slow but

Regarding checking the temperature I'm not sure how - I don't know if this
machine includes any sensors that dragonfly can talk to, and if it does I
don't know how to set them up.

> Here's a kernel conf file from someone using a 570E under FreeBSD 5.x; it
> lists pcm and csa for audio drivers.
> http://gerda.univie.ac.at/freebsd-laptops/index.pl?action=show_config&config=kernel&laptop=382
> musicpd uses the library faad2 to play mp4 files.  faad2 does not allow
> binary redistribution, so you have to build it from source.  When I built
> faad2 on my 1.4.x system here (so I could play .mp4 in XMMS), it built
> fine but would crash XMMS every time I loaded it.  Can you try a different
> audio player?

I was trying to play .ogg files, and I've also tried ogg123 from vorbis-tools
with the same issues. It also seems that I did build faad from source.

Here's some Dmesg stuff:

dmesg | grep -E "(pcm|csa)"
csa0: <CS4280/CS4614/CS4622/CS4624/CS4630> mem 0xf4000000-0xf40fffff,0xf4100000-0xf4100fff irq 11 at device 5.0 on pci0
csa: card is Thinkpad 570
pcm0: <CS461x PCM Audio> on csa0
pcm0: <Cirrus Logic CS4297 AC97 Codec>


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