DragonFly usability issues

Justin C. Sherrill justin at shiningsilence.com
Thu May 18 06:05:06 PDT 2006

On Thu, May 18, 2006 1:05 am, Andrew Thompson wrote:
> run `dhclient ath0`. If I omit any of these steps (with the occasional
> excpetion of the first one) the card just times out trying to get a
> DCHP response.  I'm guessing the cardbus isn't initializing right
> and switching the slots makes something happen which fixes
> something, but I have no proof.

Does it matter which slot you start in?  I thought I had a similar issue
with an IBM 600E, but it was apparently damage over time to having cards
crammed into the slot.  Moving to a different slot fixed the issue, though
it does sound more like a chipset support issue in your case.

> The temporary lockup issue:
> Just doing common things (browsing the web, etc) after a while the machine
> will lock yp for 5 seconds, the fan will come on and then the input
> will work again.

That one's wierd.  Does running with or without ACPI enabled affect this? 
It may be worth looking at the system temperature when this is happening.

> The sound card:
> I'd like to use the sound card on this machine, If I kldload the snd_csa
> driver the sound card claims to be working, it makes noise if I cat
> junk to /dev/dsp but I can't get mpd(pkgsrc/audio/musicpd) to work
> with it. In addition dmesg spews lots of livelock errors like
> the following:

Here's a kernel conf file from someone using a 570E under FreeBSD 5.x; it
lists pcm and csa for audio drivers.


musicpd uses the library faad2 to play mp4 files.  faad2 does not allow
binary redistribution, so you have to build it from source.  When I built
faad2 on my 1.4.x system here (so I could play .mp4 in XMMS), it built
fine but would crash XMMS every time I loaded it.  Can you try a different
audio player?

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