how to dual boot? (was Re: adding boostrap code to boot system)

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Sat Mar 4 14:59:28 PST 2006

(I changed subject line in the attempt to get more interest :)

On Fri, 3 Mar 2006, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> > 	set currdev=disk0s4a
> > 	unload
> > 	boot /kernel -s
> Danke. This worked fine.

Strange. But it only works for me when I use the "-s".

I have tried setting currdev and rootdev. And if I do not use the -s it 
boots the kernel from harddisk but then still loads the LiveCD's 
configuration. Using -s going to /bin/sh and typing exit does use by 
correct root.

Can anyone confirm this? Is this a bug?

>   boot0cfg ad0

I have tried various combinations of fdisk, boot0cfg and disklabel and 
can't figure out how to get DragonFly to boot.

For example, "fdisk -B wd0" causes my NetBSD to be the only thing to be 
booted; I assume because it is the "active" partition. I want to have a 
boot selector using the tools included in the base install (of NetBSD or 
DragonFly or FreeBSD on this tri-boot system).

I also read some code in the dfuibe_installer-1.1.6/fn_disk.c to get some 
ideas and used ideas from it. No luck.

I have spent at least a couple hours on this now. Including rebooting 
probably well over 25 times.

Can someone please tell me how to get DragonFly to boot? And how can I get 
a boot selector?

 Jeremy C. Reed

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