adding boostrap code to boot system

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Fri Mar 3 19:51:09 PST 2006

On Thu, 2 Mar 2006 joerg at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > How can I do it from the boot loader prompt from LiveCD? (How to use 
> > LiveCD to boot ad0s4?)
> Escape to comment prompt. The rest is out of my memory, so it might be
> slightly wrong:
> 	set currdev=disk0s4a
> 	unload
> 	boot /kernel -s

Danke. This worked fine.

> Afterwards check whether ad0s4 device entry are present and /etc/fstab
> is correct :-)

And all was good. I can use my the DragonFly install. My only problem is 
when I reboot I have to that each time with the boot CD.

Now to figure out how to get a boot manager on there. I used:

  boot0cfg ad0

and it said:

  boot0cfg: /dev/ad0: unknown or incompatible boot code

I then did:

# disklabel -B ad0
super block size 0

Maybe should have used ad0s4 as the man pages warned? I rebooted and no 
change. My previous boot menu was still there. And choosing my DragonFly 
just reboots instantly.

I did it again with "disklabel -B ad0s4". And still no change.

Any suggestions on creating a boot manager using tools provided with 
DragonFly? I need to boot: NetBSD from slice 1, FreeBSD from slice 3 and 
DragonFly from slice 4.

I do have a boot loader now that works for NetBSD and FreeBSD and has a 
non-working entry for DragonFly.

Later I may try Grub for this as someone else suggested to me. I may also 
try doing this from the NetBSD install.

 Jeremy C. Reed

ps. Please CC me.

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