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Adrian Michael Nida <nida at xxxxxxxx> wrote:
 > Oliver Fromme wrote:
 > > <Snip/>
 > > It is spelled "UNIX", with all uppercase letters, and it is
 > > not possible to form a plural like "UNIX's". 
 > > <Snip/>
 > Very small grammar nit to pick.  You can't form plurals by adding 's
 > (unless it's a number, symbol, etc.).

Yes, I know.  I mentioned it because the original poster
write it that way.  "UNIX's", "UNIXs", "UNIces" are all

 > Now, I'm not sure of the plural term of UNIX.

Actually "UNIX" is neither singular or plural.  According
to The Open Group it's more like an attribute.  The plural
or "UNIX system" is "UNIX systems", of course.  See the
URL that I pasted in my previous posting.

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