"UNIX" (was: (u)ral driver)

Adrian Michael Nida nida at musc.edu
Thu Feb 16 06:34:46 PST 2006

> <Snip/>
> It is spelled "UNIX", with all uppercase letters, and it is
> not possible to form a plural like "UNIX's". 

Very small grammar nit to pick.  You can't form plurals by adding 's
(unless it's a number, symbol, etc.).  The apostrophe is used to denote
possession not plurality.  I'll spare the readers the lecture on when to
use 's and when to use just '.  However, if you're interested for
yourself, you can check here:


Now, I'm not sure of the plural term of UNIX. However, I don't think we
want to use "UNIces" due to the wails from the peanut gallery it'll
generate :-).


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