Unexpected device names

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Thu Oct 20 17:56:04 PDT 2005

:Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
:> What kind of disk controller do you have?  I've seen the DFLTFPHYS message
:> before with some older models of SCSI controller, though I've never seen
:> the disks named in hex.
:This is on a 3ware 9500s-12 using the twa driver on 1.3.7-PREVIEW. If 
:you grep the source, you will find that very few of the disk controllers 
:set dev_t->si_iosize_max, so you will almost always get these warnings 
:from these controllers in kern/kern_physio.c::physio.
:Back to my original point, the minor is printed in hex if the device 
:does not have its name set, as can be seen in 
:kern/kern_conf.c::devtoname. Is this similar the si_iosize_max problem? 
:Are some drivers simply incomplete, and not setting the device name as 
:they should?
:- Jason

    Nah, its because of some work I did last year to propogate maximum
    I/O block sizes upwards from the device instead of hardcoding it 
    in the kernel.  I did about half the work, set up the defaults, but
    didn't get around to converting the drivers.  This was because,
    at the time, I wanted to figure out what the drivers could actually do.

    In anycase, its a harmless warning, just ignore it.  We'll get the
    drivers fixed at some point.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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