More Pkgsrc Setup

John Duncan agley at
Wed Oct 12 04:31:14 PDT 2005

    Some home-made Tk apps complain about not finding needed libraries
when using pkgsrc built xorg.

# ldconfig -R /usr/pkg/lib
# ldconfig -R /usr/pkg/xorg/lib

   do work but what is the idea with /etc/defaults/rc.conf ? Can I just add
what I want to ldconfig_paths and it won't upset the system ?

   Also the man pages from pkgsrc don't show up for me with man -k
though I can call them up if I know what I want.

  In /etc/manpath.config do I need separate MANPATH_MAP lines for
/usr/pkg/bin and /usr/pkg/sbin as well as OPTIONAL_MANPATH lines ?

                              Thanks for any help,
                                 John Duncan


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