viniosity viniosity at
Fri May 6 20:37:31 PDT 2005

> True for TV stuff like lacking get MythTV works, but DVD, xvid/divx and
> any codecs work great with FreeBSD. If I want a PVR, I would grab Linux or
> Windows instead any of BSD. As for movies like DVD or whatever, any BSD
> work fine just like Linux.

Can BSD play sound from multiple sources at the same time?  Linux has a 
problem with that..

> Beagle requires Mono too, which will not work on FreeBSD 4.x at all. It
> might be work on DragonFly since it now has TLS, 1:1 thread library and
> etc. But, it's very possible that there are few things left that to need
> to be add few stuff like ttyname_r()[1], functions in libc, userlands and
> etc.

Geez, I would looove to see Beagle (and best) on BSD!  Too bad I'm not a 
programmer or I'd work on it myself.

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