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Wed May 4 21:11:09 PDT 2005

On Thu, 05 May 2005 00:26:36 -0400, Wicker McDanciel wrote:

> Out of curiosity, will dragonfly be good for desktop users?  I've heard
> that bsd doesn't have a good multimedia framework though I honestly
> don't know what that means..

True for TV stuff like lacking get MythTV works, but DVD, xvid/divx and
any codecs work great with FreeBSD. If I want a PVR, I would grab Linux or
Windows instead any of BSD. As for movies like DVD or whatever, any BSD
work fine just like Linux.

> Also, I understand that Beagle requires something called inotify in the
> linux kernel. Since bsd doesn't use the linux kernel does that mean
> it'll be impossible to fully use beagle on dragonfly bsd?

It can be use kqueue instead inotify, of course, someone will have
to port it. I think, there already has a file that is written in C by, but need to create a wrap for C# and make work with
beagle. You can try to contact if you are
insteresting to help. tmclaugh has a C file from marcus. Keep in mind, I
am speaking for FreeBSD but can be port to any BSD that have kqueue.

Beagle requires Mono too, which will not work on FreeBSD 4.x at all. It
might be work on DragonFly since it now has TLS, 1:1 thread library and
etc. But, it's very possible that there are few things left that to need
to be add few stuff like ttyname_r()[1], functions in libc, userlands and



> Wicker

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