ddb says: "No gdb port enabled"

Francis Gudin fgudin at nerim.net
Wed May 4 15:58:09 PDT 2005

Sascha Wildner wrote:
> Francis Gudin wrote:
>> GENERIC equipped with 'flags 0x10' for device sio0 isn't usable for
>> remote GDB, or is it ?
> It isn't. You need 0x80 for remote debugging, i.e. "flags 0x90". See the
> sio(4) man page for a description of the flags.

Pity... is there any reason for avoiding to have an available serial
port for remote gdb in GENERIC ?
Also: would a fellow there compile one for me, including those flags for
sio, please ? I'd really like to provide detailed info about the hang i
face, and mere ddb isn't that friendly.


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