Joerg Sonnenberger joerg at
Tue May 3 11:40:05 PDT 2005

On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 03:55:35PM +0000, Paul wrote:
> 1. Like FreeBSD, the ppp is still in DragonFly. But the version is too old. 
> Why not choose mpd? More fast and flexible, and based on netgraph.

netgraph is not neceseary is a good thing :)

> 2. I usually use distcc to build "big" something in several box. Such as 
> upgrading/compiling the whole FreeBSD/kernel. I compiled DragonFly in the 
> same way, It  really saves many time, although I must modifiy some files. 
> Hope the distcc can help everyone to save time.

Devon did some experiments with distcc and it wasn't that successful IIRC.
Most of the source tree are small C files, for which the compile time is
far shorter than the network transfer time. The really big things can't
splitted very much, e.g. the GCC build.


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