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Mon Jan 24 09:31:46 PST 2005

:Matthew Dillon <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: ...
:>     (1) The concept of a user 'thread'.  Every user thread has
:>     an execution context and its own stack, and other things.
:>     (2) The concept of a kernel context, used when the 
:>     userland thread performs a system call. 
:>     A kernel context needs its own stack.
:>     Now, in a non-threaded program there is only one user 
:>     'thread' and only one kernel context (the kernel process).
: ...
:>       The library creates a kernel context for each cpu and 
:>       manages any number of threads using those fixed 
:>       number of contexts.
:How can a userland(?) library set up a kernel context?
:/Jonas Sundström.                www.kirilla.com

    rfork().  The same mechanism that the 1:1 library would use, but
    it would only rfork for the number of cpus rather then rfork for
    each thread.

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