Considering AMD64 laptop

Bryan Berch dfbsd at
Thu Jan 13 18:07:57 PST 2005

Matthew Dillon wrote:

:Ended up with an HP tower with an AMD64 and DragonFlyBSD runs fine on it.

   What model HP ?

HP Pavilion a530n
Athlon64 3200+ (2GHz)
Networking I can't answer, never done it.
The 9-in-1 card reader will read my sans disks from my camara.

   The main things to try are:

   * network
   * USB
   * firewire (if it has it)

   If you remember the model number sfor the Gateway and Compaq
   please post them so I can create an appropriate annotation
   in the document I'm building.

Compaq R3306US

This is the one that wouldn't boot a normal iso and you did the one to 
get past the keyboard.
It would boot with that iso, but the laptop's keyboard would not work 
after boot.  If a usb
keyboard was attached and then booted the usb keyboard would work, but 
could not get the
laptops keyboard to work even then.


Gateway 7422GX (AMD64 3400+) I hope to install this weekend as a dual 
boot till I am sure it
all works and I can learn enough to set-up a network.

Specs here:

Running the live cd

ifconfig recognizes:
Card reader reads Sans Disks from camara
USB cordless mouse works
Read and write to SanDisk USB cruzer mini
Has firewire, but not tested.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Any more info needed I'll try to answer.


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