porting SSOD (Single sign on daemon to sync passwords with windows) to dragonfly bsd

Martin P. Hellwig mhellwig at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 9 09:00:34 PST 2005

I wanted to sync with a couple of 
XP boxes without a domain, which means that I use a central DF box to 
centralize the passwords for the XP boxes and use some scripts to create 
user on the local machines, this way I can spear me the cost of an 2000 
server and migrate as much as possible to unix.

The more I think of it the more I like the idea, even in an AD I would 
setup SSOD so that I always have a duplicate for my account names & 
passwords. This would prevent vendor lock-in and allows me to be more 
flexible in my network design.
And even when disaster of disaster happens (losing the AD) I would still 
have account information. This would definitely feel me more 
comfortably. Having accounts in a unix syste, would also easen the path 
to migrating clients to OSS.


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