Quake 3 problems

Pablo.Docampo.Dieguez at sergas.es Pablo.Docampo.Dieguez at sergas.es
Mon Apr 11 02:08:49 PDT 2005

> On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 10:54:51AM +0200, 
> Pablo.Docampo.Dieguez at xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > I have moved /compat to /usr/local/compat because of disk 
> space problems
> > (I suppose it's no the problem there...)
> As long as you have a symlink from /compat to 
> /usr/local/compat, it should
> be fine. Try ktrace or truss on the linux binary to find out 
> which device
> it wants to open.

Thanks, I'll try them (I'll post the results tomorrow). I think the symlink is fine but I'll test it anyway.

But, what means exactly the "linux: 'ioctl' fd=13, cmd=0x6401 ('d',1) not implemented" of the dmesg output?

Thanks for all!


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