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Martin P. Hellwig mhellwig at xs4all.nl
Sat Sep 25 14:28:07 PDT 2004

Douwe Kiela wrote:

>"Martin P. Hellwig" <mhellwig at xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Douwe Kiela wrote:
>>>Hello there,
>>>I was reading the .nl edition of Linux Magazine and found a large
>>>advertisement for the LinuxWorld expo in Utrecht, the Jaarbeurs
>building. I
>>>know there's some active Dutch people that read the DragonFlyBSD lists
>>>(asmodai@, Martin P. Hellwig, etc.). Wouldn't it be a cool idea to get a
>>>DFBSD stand up there? :-)
>>>Just a suggestion...
>>You mean the one on page 10 ? ;-)
>>I like the idea, but I seem to fail to imagine what to show, only
>>showing a PC with DF on it seems rather boring. What story is there to
>>tell except there is something thats called DragonFlyBSD?
>>However I could probably get free on the 14 oktober and maybe even 13,
>>but thats rather unsure. I also can bring 2 of my HP LP1000r netserver
>>with me (need wheels then, and somebody with a license), but then again
>>what to do with it?
>Well we could distribute flyers and sell CD's or whatever. Inform people
>about DFBSD and how cool it is, that kinda stuff. I have no idea how 
we have
>to arrange something like that (i.e. finance it, and subscribe for the
>event). But still it would be quite cool to have our favourite OS
>represented over there, especially with the article about DragonFly coming
>up in Linux Magazine the interest for the OS will grow in the Netherlands
>(it will be published in the edition of 15 October). So.. any more ideas?
>Jeroen? :-)

Yes that would be cool enough to attract some attention,  giving away 
the latest live CD ,showing 1 clean installed server and 1 with the 
booted live CD, however I would prefer to have a bit more time to 
organize the one or the other, maybe we should skip this one and prepare 
for the next major event? I think we would need some artwork like 
posters with Fred and printed CD's some flyers with the website name , 
etc. etc. I would be prepared to finance to a reasonable limit like 
75eur but that would be hardly enough.

However what would you think, skip this one an be better prepared for 
the next event?
Which results in the question what the next event will be big enough to 
do a "fan-stand".


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