[DragonFlyBSD - Submit #2798] mkinitrd insufficient default size, triggerred by installer

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Issue #2798 has been updated by opvalues.

Thank you. It will take me some time to learn the building process, the only 'make rescue' I've run was as part of the install, tho I did run mkinitrd(8). I intend to try and learn the build process on the 4.0.3 release instance of the install, but first I downloaded the daily snapshot to verify your fixes.

#grep -A4 -B1 initrd /var/log/install.log
Filesystem    Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/vn4s0     15M    15M   388K    97%    /mnt/tmp/initrd #before fix:write failed: no space left on device
/dev/vn4s0     15M   9.9M   5.0M    66%    /mnt/tmp/initrd #after fix: no fail, plenty room to spare

#du -sh /usr/share/initrd/ 
14M      /usr/share/initrd     :before fix, hitting mkinitrd limit
227M     /usr/share/initrd     :before fix, with mkinitrd limit expanded
9.9M     /usr/share/initrd     :after fix, much efficiency from shared inodes

#ls -liR /usr/share/initrd
Fascinating that all of /usr/share/initrd/bin are identical files sharing an inode (except for the dowpa script). Does it link to a busybox type binary? How can i learn more about this setup?
#ls -liR / | grep -B3 91191    #the shared initrd/bin/* inode on my box, but nothing outside of /usr/share/initrd/bin is found.

Even more fascinating, is that while a majority of identical files in /usr/share/initrd/sbin also shares an inode, the minority of identical files that are symlinks to /usr/share/initrd/lvm each have unique inodes. Is this intentional, or an oversight? I am curious about the possible disk space consumption versus inode consumption tradeoffs.

Regarding my earlier requst, I believe that both vi(1) and undo(1) are not included in the initrd because they are both under the /usr directory. Also 
#find / | grep bin | grep -eshutdown -eundo
/sbin/shutdown      :file(1) shows dynamically linked
/usr/bin/undo       :... dynamically linked
/usr/share/initrd/sbin/shutdown :...statically linked

I believe static versions of undo(1) and vi(1) would be very helpful for the initrd. However, I don't know how to explicitly verify whether these files are on the initrd (short of remembering and recreating my error from some weeks ago which prompted this request in the first place).

Thank you for your consideration.

Submit #2798: mkinitrd insufficient default size, triggerred by installer

* Author: opvalues
* Status: In Progress
* Priority: Normal
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Using DragonFly 4.0.3-RELEASE #27, 
mkinitrd has a default size of 15MB, 
but it needs about 232MB to contain /usr/share/initrd wholly.
This should be evident on most systems with
> grep -A4 initrd /var/log/install.log | head -n 12

/etc/mkinitrd.conf or /etc/defaults/mkinitrd.conf should probably be increased.
Is there any reason to keep the smaller INITRD_SIZE="15m" setting?

Also, can a static /bin/vi and /sbin/undo please be included in /usr/share/initrd?
It would be a great help with repairing configuration mistakes.
Thank you.

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