[DragonFlyBSD - Submit #2798] mkinitrd insufficient default size, triggerred by installer

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Issue #2798 has been updated by opvalues.

swildner wrote:
> Is this booted from an ISO?
> 232MB seems too much. Note that cd9660 fs has some kind of bug that causes  
> hard links to be counted separately as if it were separate files so du(1)  
> output for example might give a false impression.
> On master here I see:
> advancer# du -sh /usr/share/initrd/
>   14M    /usr/share/initrd/
> So it should fit. Not sure what the problem is. I'll try installing from a  
> 4.0.3 ISO tonight.
> Sascha

#du -sh /usr/share/initrd/ 
227M     /usr/share/initrd

The output above is the same whether booted from hard disk or from the install cd, but is larger because I bypassed the 15 Meg limit inherited from /etc/default/mkinitrd.conf.

Before you start a new install, first see if the current install shows the copy errors in the /var/log/install.log starting with tcplay, it should be evident with:
#grep -A4 initrd /var/log/install.log | head -n 12

I believe your 14M is what fits with the current default size "15m" in /etc/default/mkinitfs.conf while 200-some megabytes of files (such as shutdown,swapctl,tcplay,) fail to copy as evidenced in /var/log/install.log

Witness the initrd contains /etc/rcmount_tcplay while missing /sbin/tcplay with the "15m" limit.

#gzip -c -d /boot/kernel/initrd.img.gz > ~/initrd.img
#vnconfig -c -v /dev/vn0 ~/initrd.img
#mount /dev/vn0 /mnt
#find /mnt | wc
     72     72     1235   #for "15m" limited mkinitrd
     158    158    2691   #for expanded mkinitrd
#find /mnt | grep tcplay
... witness the /etc, but maybe not the /sbin/tcplay... 


Thank you for the attention.
Should I file another seperate bug to request static versions of vi(1) and undo(1) be built for the initrd?

Submit #2798: mkinitrd insufficient default size, triggerred by installer

* Author: opvalues
* Status: New
* Priority: Low
* Assignee: 
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* Target version: 
Using DragonFly 4.0.3-RELEASE #27, 
mkinitrd has a default size of 15MB, 
but it needs about 232MB to contain /usr/share/initrd wholly.
This should be evident on most systems with
> grep -A4 initrd /var/log/install.log | head -n 12

/etc/mkinitrd.conf or /etc/defaults/mkinitrd.conf should probably be increased.
Is there any reason to keep the smaller INITRD_SIZE="15m" setting?

Also, can a static /bin/vi and /sbin/undo please be included in /usr/share/initrd?
It would be a great help with repairing configuration mistakes.
Thank you.

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