[issue1732] Various changes for diskless

Sascha Wildner (via DragonFly issue tracker) sinknull at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Mon Apr 26 03:16:02 PDT 2010

Sascha Wildner <saw at online.de> added the comment:

Thanks, committed! -> 86de41e6561c1bb93c982537c87446371f8279b7

I was about to just push your patches, but honestly, the commit messages looked
too ugly. :) Next time, please give it some kind of "subsystem" indication in
the first line (such as my "diskless: "; "diskless rc scripts: " would fit the
bill too). And please try to keep lines <= ~70 chars or so. Maybe less for the
first line (committer(7) talks about <50, which I personally find a bit small).

status: chatting -> resolved

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