Various changes for diskless

Rumko rumcic at
Sun Apr 18 09:16:19 PDT 2010

Rumko wrote:
> Attached patches fix a bug (by default, the mfs mount for /etc is too small
> for our /etc due to the big blacklists in etc/ssh/), remove a check for devfs
> (we have had devfs for quite a while now, so we probably do not need to check
> for it's existance anymore) and replace the usage of mfs with tmpfs (due to
> the ability of tmpfs to use swap when available, I believe it is a better
> choice).

Another patch ... now if md_size contains only a number (without a suffix), it
is assumed it represents the number of sectors (and is multiplied by 512
before passing to mount_tmpfs), otherwise it is passed to mount_tmpfs as is
(so now, you can specify "5M" in md_size and it works).
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