OpenBSD dhclient

Chris Turner c.turner at
Fri Mar 14 06:40:16 PDT 2008

Matthias Schmidt wrote:


now the release is over, so here is one of the items I had in my submit
queue: the import of the OpenBSD dhclient.
I like the priv. separation, etc. but I seem to recall having some 
problems with openbsd's DHCP w/r/t config file syntax or parsing at some 
point - am using their ports (ISC) version of the server on my openbsd 
boxes - cant recall if this isolated to the server or global and I never 
reported it there - will try and dig a little deeper & post here ..

personally, that's my only objection, if it bears fruit.. not sure what 
everyone else thinks w/r/t maintinance, etc.

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