OpenBSD dhclient

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Fri Mar 14 03:03:47 PDT 2008


now the release is over, so here is one of the items I had in my submit
queue: the import of the OpenBSD dhclient.

It is a clean rewrite (in some parts) of the ISC dhclient and contains
nice features like privilege separation.  IIRC Hasso also discovered an
issue with our dhclient, but I can't remember what is was :)  I have the
client running on a number of machines for some months and experienced
no problems.

To build the OpenBSD dhclient you need a recent kernel (sys/net/bpf.c,
rev 1.43) and you need to rebuild world and kernel.  To install the
client perform the following steps:

# cd /usr/src/sbin
# fetch
# mv dhclient dhclient.isc
# tar xfz sbin_dhclient.tgz
# cd dhclient
# make && make install

dhclient will complain about a missing _dhcp user but will fallback to
nobody.  If we're going to import the dhclient I'll add the appropriate



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