DragonFly mail agent (round two)

Matthias Schmidt matthias at dragonflybsd.org
Fri Feb 1 07:59:07 PST 2008


* Michael Neumann wrote:
> Wow!
> I haven't heard of dma, but I like the idea. I don't need sendmail on boxes 
> other than the mail server. For all other boxes a local delivery is enough.

That's the reason why corecode@ and me wrote dma :)

> Does that mean we get rid of sendmail someday? I mean, it can always be 
> installed from pkgsrc.

This is the long term goal.  If dma(8) is considered stable enough we
hook it up to the build as a sendmail replacement.

> Next replace named/bind by a caching-only proxy. I don't see a reason to 
> include a DNS server, but for example no web-server. 

I'm not sure about that one.  You can't compare BIND with sendmail in
terms of users.  Most people don't need a caching-proxy and
they're fine without BIND.  But the admins who use it (like me) are very
happy that a full nameserver is included in the base.

> Other examples are ntpd.




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