DragonFly mail agent (round two)

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Fri Feb 1 07:38:05 PST 2008

Matthias Schmidt wrote:

corecode@ announced his DragonFly mail agent in [1] as a small, simple
clean implementation of a mailer in the base.  The goal of dma was not
to replace a feature complete MTA like sendmail or postfix.  The basic
intention was to be able to deliver mails from cron, periodic etc to
local users.
I enhanced dma and added remote delivery and some other features needed
for works-out-of-the-box and to keep users happy :)  The list of all
features follows:
- Local mail delivery with alias-support
- Remote mail delivery either direct or via a smarthost
- TLS/SSL and STARTTLS support for encrypted connections
- virtualusers (address rewriting) support
- SMTP authentication (currently only plain SMTP login)
- Sendmail compatible command line options
- IPv6 support
- A nice man page (Thanks to swildner@)

I haven't heard of dma, but I like the idea. I don't need sendmail on 
boxes other than the mail server. For all other boxes a local delivery 
is enough.

Does that mean we get rid of sendmail someday? I mean, it can always be 
installed from pkgsrc.

Next replace named/bind by a caching-only proxy. I don't see a reason to 
include a DNS server, but for example no web-server. Other examples are 



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