rc.d standardization patch

Victor Balada Diaz victor at bsdes.net
Fri Sep 29 09:23:22 PDT 2006

I've found a little problem with your patch: if some user made script
does have something like checkyesno foo_enable it will fail. Will work
with foo_enable_enable="YES|NO" and foo_enable="YES|NO", but not
with foo="YES|NO". ie, the new expected behaviour.

I don't think that we should switch to foo="YES|NO", it will require
a lot of documentation changes and will break POLA.

I've created a patch[1] inspired by yours that allows to use
foo_enable="YES|NO" and foo="YES|NO" with pkgsrc and base apps.
It's much smaller, don't require documentation changes and gives
us the choice of working the way we want without imposing anything
to the user.

This is a bit hackish, because the place it should be fixed is on
pkgsrc, but i doubt this is doable as of now.

[1]: http://bsdes.net/~victor/dfbsd/rc.subr.patch
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