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Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Tue Oct 31 00:41:44 PST 2006

Justin C. Sherrill wrote:

I'm happy with this layout, as it fixes many of the type size and
cross-browser issues we have, and the actual aesthetics can be changed
easily later.  (More easily than with the existing layout, in fact.)
Barring last-minute additions, I'm going to go ahead figuring how to get
this integrated.
okay, I might be late, but I think this can be figured out later, anyways.  Two points:

1. I like the current bright red for the headings, it really says in an unobstrusive way "hello, i am a heading!"

2. I think the pages and section names on the navigation left should differ in some way so that the organization is easier to understand.  I guess just making the page names not bold or smaller might be the right thing.  Maybe also the underlines make the text bulky.  After all it is a navigation, it should be expected that there are links - no need to mark them as such by underlining.

overall I like it, yet a little bit too plant-y and too few fred-y, but whatever :)

ps: did you receive that new logo mockup from joerg or so?  it looked pretty slick

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