[patch] Small typo in rtsol.c

Francis GUDIN fgudin at nerim.net
Tue Oct 17 12:12:09 PDT 2006


I just noticed a small typo with rtsold:
"received RA from %s on an unexpeced IF(%s)"
                         here ____|

Patch attached.

Best regards,

Francis GUDIN <fgudin at xxxxxxxxx>
Fingerprint   305E 15CF A53E 14E0 6ACE 8CED C5D5 5A78 15E3 6AB2

L'Église de la Très Sainte Consommation:
--- usr.sbin/rtsold/rtsol.c.orig	2006-10-17 20:37:54.000000000 +0200
+++ usr.sbin/rtsold/rtsol.c	2006-10-17 20:38:09.000000000 +0200
@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@
 	if ((ifi = find_ifinfo(pi->ipi6_ifindex)) == NULL) {
 		warnmsg(LOG_NOTICE, __func__,
-			"received RA from %s on an unexpeced IF(%s)",
+			"received RA from %s on an unexpected IF(%s)",
 		       inet_ntop(AF_INET6, &from.sin6_addr, ntopbuf,
 		       if_indextoname(pi->ipi6_ifindex, ifnamebuf));
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