Sync of FICL with FreeBSD

Thomas E. Spanjaard tgen at
Mon Sep 26 14:56:25 PDT 2005

Chris Pressey wrote:
I'm 99.997% sure that the only functional change in this patch is to
It's my best bet as well.

The TESTMAIN stuff is so that the loader can be run inside an
already-booted operating system, for testing.
Sure, but seems nice to put it in the package.

 (Also, FYI your CVS is
replacing perfectly good filled-out $DragonFly$ tags with empty ones - I
don't know why it does this, mine did it too at one point - but it's
kind of a problem because it blows up the diffs with noise.  The only
cure I found was to blow away and re-checkout the sources...)
Well, it's not my CVS. I started from FreeBSD's sources, so I just put 
those in as I got along. once it's imported it should be fixed 
automagically. And for the noise, well, at first I wasn't sure how much 
there was to change, and I intend to upgrade FICL to 4.0.31 somewhere in 
the future, which needs a lot more changes, so I just diff'd from active 
sources in my subversion repository.

		-- Thomas E. Spanjaard
		   tgen at xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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