NCURSES not done, and not going to mess with build system.

Tsume tsume at
Sun Feb 27 19:49:25 PST 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 07:51:21 +0800, Bill Hacker <wbh at xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello everyone, I'm Tsume. Thanks for reading.

Its well worth the  upgrade, but I feel it very inefficient how I've re  
rewrite the makefiles  from scratch just because I don't have 3 hours  
just to write makefiles. I  want to hack the generated makefile in the  
build, but I know it wouldn't  be accepted because its not standard.

I am still not understanding here.

Do you mean that ncurses 5.4 from pkgsrc has been stripped down/back from
'conventional' ncurses, and you are working to bring it back into line  
or ...?

The makefiles used for build are not like the makefiles generated after  
running ./configure, they are completely different. I could hack them in,  
but it would look horrible.

Heres a link to the NEWS in CVS
code-exec dot net slash ncurses-5.4 slash NEWS
 all modifications since 20000708(5.1 Release)
ACK.  But nothing new for nearly 13 months since 5.4 was released....

Well, actually xterm 256 color support, and many other additions have been  
developed since the release of 5.4. You can view the patches from Dickey's  
CVS at

There have been numerous bugfixes and additions. I was unsure of using a  
CVS version of ncurses for the reason of using release versions, and using  
code which is what others would be running on thier unix variant.

Still not sure what your changes are, or if they are 'restoral' or new  
(5.4.x, 5.5 ...?)
I made no changes to ncurses. I needed to clean up what was not needed  
from the release. There just needs to be the files only needed for  

I'm still waiting patiently on joerg to complete Wide Character  
support  for DragonFly. *smile*

'Wide" as in DBCS? UTF-16?  Other Asian language character encoding? <-- the specification  
1003.1, specifices wide character

tojhiro, tojkata and others would be nice to have in the base libraries.
kinda like this guys source code
Unicode Standard:

Theres plenty of books to read.
Understanding Japanese Information Processing
CJKV Information Processing
Theres many more books on Unicode out there.
Have a good day.

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