sudo in the base system

Robert Nagy robert at
Sun Feb 13 13:24:40 PST 2005

On (13/02/05 22:07), Alexander 'alxl' Lobachov wrote:
> +++ Robert Nagy [13/02/05 18:55 +0100]:
> > Hi. I'd like to see sudo in the base system, because it is the right
> > place for it. The diff adds sudo to usr.bin with the same features
> > and options that in the FreeBSD port, so there should be no functional changes.
> <snip> 
> > Robert
> I don't think it's good idea, who really neads sudo can use a port or even a
> package, it's just a minute or to to install it.
Yes you can install it easily, ut that won't give you more functionality
in the base system if you don't want to use the ports system or the binary
packages. Having sudo in the base system can be very useful. For example
with patches to the mk infrastructure people will be able to do builds
using root privileges where they are really needed (for example installing files
outside the work/obj dirs). And this is not the only way of using sudo.
It is quiet a handy software. 

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