/etc/defaults/services and /etc/services

Andreas Hauser andy at splashground.de
Sat Feb 12 04:46:04 PST 2005

joerg wrote @ Sat, 12 Feb 2005 06:50:24 +0100:
> Okay,
> >    That's true, I forgot we were going to do that.  We shouldn't spend
> >    too much time on the libc version I guess.  A daemon will be able to do
> >    much more sophisticated things with the data.
> I think I'll forget about rewriting the clib stuff. But who's working
> on this dubious daemon, anyway? I'm sick and tiered of always having
> to restore my services file after each make upgrade. This is because I
> forget to do so sometimes. :)

make your edits in /usr/src ;)


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