/etc/defaults/services and /etc/services

Joerg Anslik joerg at anslik.de
Fri Feb 11 21:50:24 PST 2005


>    That's true, I forgot we were going to do that.  We shouldn't spend
>    too much time on the libc version I guess.  A daemon will be able to do
>    much more sophisticated things with the data.

I think I'll forget about rewriting the clib stuff. But who's working
on this dubious daemon, anyway? I'm sick and tiered of always having
to restore my services file after each make upgrade. This is because I
forget to do so sometimes. :)


who | grep -i blonde | talk; cd ~; wine; talk; touch;
unzip; touch; strip; gasp; finger; gasp; mount;
fsck; more; yes; gasp; umount; make clean; sleep

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