ipw(4) driver

Johannes Hofmann Johannes.Hofmann at gmx.de
Tue Nov 2 11:55:55 PST 2004

Damien Bergamini has released a new version of his ipw(4) driver for Intel
PRO/Wireless 2100 cards. This release solves the lockups that occured in
combination with ACPI C3 sleep state. A DragonFly version can be downloaded 
at http://www.ecademix.com/JohannesHofmann/#ipw 
It works great for me and Damien asked, whether it could be included into the
DragonFly source tree. I think the following things need a look from a more
experienced DragonFly developer:

- I just replaced mutex locks/unlocks with s = splimp() / splx(s) calls as
  Joerg Sonnenberger suggested. For performance reasons this might 
  need some changes.
- The sources are currently not a patch to the kernel sources but compiled
- There are some malloc() calls with M_NOWAIT. I am not sure, if this is ok.
- I ifdef'ed out calls to bpfattach2() and similar as I did not find the
  corresponding functions in the DragonFly tree.
- The license is a little shorter than the one found in e.g. if_wi.c.
- For the driver to work, some external firmware from INTEL is needed, that has
  licensing issues. Damien is trying to resolve this problem. But as the 
  firmware is not compiled into the kernel module this is not that much of
  an issue, I think.
Please let me know, what I can do to work towards an inclusion into the
source tree.


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