ANSI-fy of ranlib, ruptime and rdist [patches]

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Jul 23 10:39:32 PDT 2004

:About the whitespaces.. I was told that it is according to style(9) that
:a function has no variables after the first opening accolade, there has to
:be an
:extra newline. For the rest, no problem :-) I hope someone has the time to
:at the rest of my patches (all can be found at
:By the way, the way that the dragonflybsd sourcecode complies with style(9)
:isn't really appropriate, does anyone mind if I change most of the userland
:source code to apply to style(9), which makes the code easier to read and
:introduces more consistency all over the source code. If there are no
:to this I will provide one large (if not huge) patch that fixes everything,
:for I was
:stunned by the un-cleanness of the code (I come from the NetBSD camp :P).
:> Thanks for the reminder and patch though. :)
:No problem, I love contributing to interesting projects :)

    Well, I think the style cleanups are fairly well covered... we have
    three or four people that have been slowly cleaning up the style issues.
    It's actually more difficult to deal with as a subsmission then simply
    letting the existing workload dictate when someone decides to do another
    cleanup pass :-).

    Also, the style manual page is out of date.  Again. 

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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