Less radical layout

Justin C. Sherrill justin at shiningsilence.com
Sat Feb 21 07:05:05 PST 2004

Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at xxxxxxx> wrote in
news:pan.2004. at xxxxxxx: 

> I like DragonFly's menu font (speak of size/bold), it's perfect. This
> one is kind of thin due to non-bold. Can you try to to get the font
> colour change to something like black when the highlight is cover the
> menu link? Because, the bright lime-green with bright blue/purple font
> aren't friendly on the eyes. Well, maybe it's lime-green that who
> aren't eyes friendly, perhaps get it a little darker (not too bright)?
> In logo, the lime-green looks little darker.

The subitems do look a bit anemic.  I'll work on this all tonight when
the kids are asleep. 

> Try to use the percent instead the harcore one; it's more smaller
> width screen friendly. No nasty width scrollbar if you use the percent
> in width. Try to resize your browser on DragonFly and your to smaller
> width to get the idea.

I'd argue that very few (<1%) browsers being used in a less than
800-pixel wide format these days, so I doubt it matters.  Interestingly,
looking at other BSD sites, most of them expect at least that width. 
Only FreeBSD and NetBSD break down correctly - commercial sites like SGI
(Irix) and IBM (AIX) don't.  It's easy enough to correct for, however. 

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