New website (inspired by the "Website layout" thread)

Hiten Pandya hmp at
Fri Feb 6 13:19:22 PST 2004

Amar Takhar wrote:
Sofar, i've gotten 3 responses saying that XML/XSLT are better.  I'd like to ask
a few questions as to why.
	Amar, I appreciate that you took the effort to do the website
	and all, but to put it a little blunt, I made my point pretty
	clear in various e-mail posts to the lists that I will be the
	one handling the doc and www framework, atleast the initiation
	of it; so I don't really understand why you are so "Rushy-Rushy"
	about this issue.
	The site is no harm to anyone right now, it works fine, it
	works on text-only browsers, and everyone, atleast the DFBSD
	developers to say, are content with the current site.
	Secondly, you did not contact me prehand to making your
	prototype, otherwise you would have saved the time of working
	on it.  I am pretty sure you knew that I was working on both,
	the doc and the www frameworks.
	I have dfbsd doc and www frameworks working locally, although
	there are still a few issues I need to address, like layout
	etc, which will be taken care of in the next two months.
	Well, that is all I have to say and I am sure I make myself
	pretty clear on the situation.  Currently, if you would like
	to help the project, I would suggest that you start with
	updating manual pages and keeping them in top shape, or maybe
	do something kernel related perhaps.
	Thanks and regards,

		-- Hiten Pandya (hmp at xxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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