New website (inspired by the "Website layout" thread)

Amar Takhar verm at
Fri Feb 6 12:03:47 PST 2004

On 2004-02-06 13:49 -0600, Jeremy Messenger wrote:

> Because, it is clear that SGML is slowly dying in favour of XML. It's
> today's technology. You can search for XML vs SGML in google.

SGML is not 'dying' as in people will stop using it.

You don't understand with the current system i've written, all you need to do is
changing the DSSSL style sheets to XSLT style sheets.

People are just seeing the word SGML and freaking out.

If you want xml/xslt, change from DSSSL to XSLT, and that's it,  XML isn't a
language, HTML is XML.

I don't know how to better explain this.


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